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About Broken Links Finder

About Broken Links
Check Broken Links Online is an easy way to see if any of your web pages contain broken links. It will also tell you which pages on your site need updating.

Enter your URL into the search box.
You can enter your own domain name or use one of the domains listed at the top of the page. If you choose to enter your own domain, make sure to enter the full address ( and not just http://www.example.

Click “Check My Site”.
Once you click “Check My Site,” you will see a list of pages that do not load properly. These are known as 404 errors. A 404 error means that the web server cannot find the requested file. It might also mean that the file was deleted or moved.

You will see a list of pages with broken links.
If you notice any broken links on your site, you should fix them immediately. Not only does having broken links hurt your search engine rankings, but they can also cause visitors to leave your site.

Fix them by clicking on each page.
You can use an online tool called Link Detox to find broken links on your site. Simply enter the URL of the page you wish to check into the box provided and click “Check Now.”

Save your changes.
Once you’ve finished checking your links, you will see a list of pages with broken links. Click on each link to view the page where the link points to. If the page no longer exists, then you should remove the link from your site.