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About Google Index Checker

A Google Index Checker is a tool that can help you evaluate your website's visibility on Google. By analyzing the pages indexed by the search engine, this tool can identify potential issues and offer ways to improve performance. Learn more about how to use a Google Index Checker here!

Enter Your Domain Name and Click Submit. 

To begin a Google Index Checker scan, you must first enter your domain name in the designated field and press submit. Doing so will initiate a search crawl of your website and generate a report detailing how many pages have been indexed, any potential errors that have been identified, as well as suggestions for improving visibility. This is an important step because it allows you to quickly identify areas of improvement before taking any action on the website.

Select which Indexing Platform to Check with the Google Index Checker.

When using a Google Index Checker, you have three options for checking the indexing status of your website. You can check the Website tab to determine whether your pages are indexed on the web version of Google, or use the Image and Video tabs to see if images/videos are indexed directly in the main search engine index. Once you’ve identified which platform you want to check, click “Start Scan” to begin the checker process. Your results will then be displayed in an organized table along with relevant details.

Analyze Which Pages are Indexed or Not indexed by Google.

Using the Google Index Checker, you can analyze which of your pages have been indexed by Google and which haven't. This information is helpful for improving your website performance and SEO ranking. Additionally, the checker will provide detailed information about each page, such as indexing status, URL, title tag, meta description, depth in terms of hyperlinks from the homepage and the number of external links per page. Armed with this data, you can make adjustments or changes to help increase a page's visibility on Google searches.

Make Necessary Changes To Improve Page Visibility On Search Results.

Once you have analyzed your page’s indexing status using the Google Index Checker, it's time to make any necessary changes to improve visibility. This could involve adjusting or rewriting the title tag and meta description, adding more content and keywords, properly linking pages to each other, or removing any duplicate content. There may also be other actions required based on the type of website you have, such as creating an XML sitemap or a robots text file. Making these changes will not only improve the visibility of your website pages but also help them rank higher on Google search results.

Monitor the Re-Indexing Progress of Modified Pages Using the Tool Regularly.

Once you have made the required changes to make your pages visible, it's important to monitor the re-indexing progress of these pages using the Google Index Checker tool regularly. Track the indexing status of these changes every month or two and ensure that all modified pages become visible as soon as possible. The reported results will also give you insights into which SEO techniques are working best for your website.