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The free Web Page Size Checker tool reviews your website page's weight/size. The page size checker tool calculates the most accurate page size within instants. Heavy page sizes damage the SEO and secondhand rank. A website with a fast load speed attracts more traffic. On the secondary, a website with more than 5 seconds of load time lower your ranking plus, generally, google doesn't suggest websites with high load time. So, for better SEO, fast landing pages are necessary. Short landing pages primarily reduce the bounce rate ultimately.

 Why Is Web Page Size Checker Necessary?

 As we suggested earlier, For better ranking, The website load time should be fast. High load time makes website ranking lower and lower. What makes Website Page size heavy? The page size checker tool tells which page causes loading on the website—uploading large images and unwanted files.

You must fix unwanted programmed code, images other than WebP forms, and impaired quality of SEO to increase standing on SERPs.