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Pagespeed Insights - Check User Experience Online

Pagespeed Insights are an excellent tool for getting insights on improving the load time for your site. This is important because Google doesn't rank as well on websites that take a long time to load. Google Speed insights will look at the page size, and the number of requests, and it will tell you what content is heavy and light. It can also help you find out what is blocking the rendering of your page and where there might be an issue with loading your website.

How to improve the website performance on Google speed insights

This section is about how to improve the website performance on Google speed insights. The first step would be to optimize the website design for high-speed internet and mobile devices. With this, there will be less bandwidth required to load the content on a user's device. Furthermore, you should also ensure that your site loads quickly on all devices. This can be done by compressing images and videos before uploading them to the web server, compressing or resizing large images and videos before uploading them, using browser caching for images and CSS files that are not frequently changing, and optimizing fonts sizes, etc.

Why Speed Analysis Is Essential

One of the most critical metrics for Google insights is the number of page views per session. This indicates how frequently people visit your site and how interested they are in seeing more of it. It also tells you when a user is returning to your site. If you want to know how long a user spends on your site, use the average time spent on page metric. This metric shows the average time an individual spends looking at each web page in their visit to your site. It can give you a sense of what kind of content resonates with them and what they want from your website.