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Have you ever heard of a search engine spider? Search engine spiders, also known as web crawlers or robots, are automated programs used by search engines to crawl webpages and gather information. This post will explain what search engine spiders are, how they work and why they are important.

What are Search Engine Spiders? 
Search engine spiders are pieces of software (also known as bots or web crawlers) which scan the webpages it visits and collects information that can be used by search engines to index and rank webpages. They primarily look for new links, page titles, and content changes. When search engine spiders find changes or new pages, they add them to their database so the search engine can have access to them when someone searches a keyword or phrase.

How Do Search Engines Use Spiders? 
Search engines use the data collected by spiders to index webpages in their databases and deliver relevant search results. By crawling websites and collecting website content, search engine spiders give search engines a clear picture of what the website contains and how it’s organized. This helps them determine if a page is relevant for a particular keyword or phrase and rank it accordingly, so that users get more accurate search results when they perform searches.

How do Search Engines Index Websites? 
Search engines index websites by sending out bots or spiders to crawl webpages. Spiders, also known as crawlers, look at a webpage’s content, HTML code and any other files associated with it. The spider gathers all the information it can find about each page and saves it in the search engine’s database. This process is repeated for all pages of a website and continues until the entire website has been indexed.

Are There Different Types of Spiders? 
Yes, there are several types of search engine spiders. Googlebot is the most commonly used spider and it’s used to crawl both desktop and mobile websites. Bingbot is the spider for Microsoft’s search engine Bing. Yahoo Slurp is the spider for Yahoo! Search and Baidu Spider is used by Chinese search engine Baidu. There are also specialized spiders that focus on gathering specific information, such as video and audio content.

How Can I Optimize for Spiders?
Optimizing for search engine spiders and improving your ranking in SERPs can be accomplished by making sure your website is crawlable, mobile friendly, has internal links between pages, and has relevant text-based content. Additionally, use quality titles, meta tags and descriptions, update your content often, monitor all of the external links pointing to your website (as well as how often they are clicked on), and utilize HTML header tags properly. All of these elements will help increase your visibility in the SERPs and help search engine spiders find and index your webpages more quickly.