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About URL Encoder Decoder

URL Encoding and URL Decoding tool

The process of converting text into its encoded form is called URL encoding. It's used in many places, including web addresses, email messages, and other forms of communication.

Why Should You Care About URL Encoding?

If you’re building links to other websites, you need to make sure that you encode the link properly so that it will work correctly. Otherwise, you might end up linking to a different website than what you intended.

How Do I Encode My URLs?

There are two ways to encode a URL: using HTML tags and using JavaScript. You should use one method or the other, not both. To encode a URL using HTML, simply add “%20” before each space character. This makes the URL safe to put into a web browser. To encode a URL with JavaScript, use encodeURIComponent() function.

How Do I Decode My URLs?

If you need to decode a URL, you can either use the decodeURIComponent() or decode URI() functions. These functions take a string as input and return a new string. They work similarly, so we will only discuss the differences between them.